Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Winds

It has been a whirlwind of a summer, as I'm trying to keep up on seasonal produce by visiting the Farmer's Market once a week.

We've been through the sweetest cherries I've ever had. So sweet, I went and bought a cherry pitter just so I could enjoy them a few seconds faster.

Then there were the sugar peas - almost as sweet as the cherries, but way more fun because they *SNAP* when you bite into them. I hated peas as a kid, but I can't get enough of these fresh-from-the-garden raw ones. (There's even some in the fridge right now, waiting for some room in my lunchbox later this week.

I bought a loaf of tasty chocolate sourdough with cherries, which I lost under the seat in the car and spent a couple of weeks wondering where exactly I'd put that yummy bread. By the time I found it and threw it out, the bakery had moved on to chocolate-orange sourdough, which was good, but not at the same caliber.

There's been lots of strawberries, of course, but I haven't had to buy any as our strawberry plants have been producing well enough to give us a small handful of berries each week.

Raspberries. Blueberries. Last time I went, there were peaches and apricots all over.

I don't have many peach recipes, aside from peach ice cream or peach smoothies. Help me out here - what's your favorite peach recipes? Leave me a comment with a link to 'em, and I'll pick out the best and give it a try!


Ilke said...

I wish I had something. Only peach-desserts I have eaten in the South by now peach cobbler and icecream. Why not a peach shortcake? or peach-mango salsa over watermelon...?? Sorry no recipes, you have to create them :)

Ilke said...

Here you go:

Ilke said...

Hey Poppy! Have not seen you for a long time! Everything going ok?

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